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Expansive, energized, and intentional movement in Dumbo, Brooklyn

ONEYOGAHOUSE is the home to a community of shape creators, energy expanders, and movement manifestors in the heart of Dumbo in Brooklyn. It is an uplifting space made for you to ground, transform, energize, and awaken your yoga practice every day.

Swami Vivekananda once said, “All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”

ONEYOGAHOUSE exists to facilitate moments of resonance, harmony, and alignment with and within our cities. No matter our differences, a shared humanity ties us together. There is ONE way of loving, ONE way of hoping, ONE way of being.

Our hope is to create a home for our yoga communities where ONEness inspires us all to access a very conscious part of our minds, that grasps the big picture, embraces what is possible, and acknowledges what is genuine.


90 Furman St
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Take a Deep Breath

We believe in the powerful synchronicity of a community coming together to create a collective consciousness.

We believe in using breath to manifest movement.

We believe it’s important to take an hour for yourself.

We believe the things we do each day weave into the tapestry of our souls and the muscle memory of our minds.

Are we kind and uplifting? Self loving and compassionate? Present with ourselves and for one another? How do we show up to life every day?

Be Present

What happens on the mat is just the beginning. We want to inspire you to meet the demands of your every day life with strength and ease. Find courage, conviction, and transformation through grounded movement in an open, airy space.

Come as you are

We have everything you need for a perfect flow: mats, props, towels, and filtered water are available at no extra cost. We’re stocked with luxury skin care so that you can freshen up before you step out.

Our Classes

Expect a dynamic, Iyengar-inspired Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional,
fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath.

We ease you into the practice, allowing time for your body to adapt to movement and the temperature
of the room. No class is exactly the same because no teacher is exactly the same, but our house style utilizes
the breath, focuses on precise alignment, and incorporates yogic gaze (an action called drishti in Sanskrit) to create a modern yoga experience grounded in tradition.

The Fiery One: Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic, Iyengar-inspired Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath. Expect a rigorous flow where students are challenged both physically and mentally.


A guided meditation practice that allows the body to experience a sleep-like state while the mind remains alert and awake. Known for its rejuvenating and stress-relieving qualities.

THE CHILL ONE: Vinyasa Flow

Similar to The Fiery ONE, this class is intelligently sequenced and challenging but at a slower pace to ease you into the practice. Don’t worry, you are sure to break a sweat by building heat from within.

The Restored ONE: Yin + Restorative

Slow down and restore. We use props to support you in passively held postures for a sustained period. Lengthen connective tissue to enhance range of motion and regulate the nervous system.


Taught by 200-hour teacher training graduates who are completing a mentorship at ONEYOGAHOUSE. A community class that supports our newest teachers at a discounted rate.


Our prenatal class is a space for moms-to-be to breathe, move, and connect. Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

The Studious ONE: Master Class

Taught by senior teachers, dive deeper into your practice that incorporates more advanced postures and extensive anatomical education. For teachers and students with a rigorous practice.


A moment of mindfulness in your busy day. Strengthen your energy channels and still the mind through pranayama. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

The Little ONE: Kids’ Yoga

Our special Kids’ Yoga class is hosted by Yogie Land, a musical yoga adventure for ages 6 months to 8 years old that incorporates storytelling, live original music, and immersive puppetry.

Our Teachers

Every teacher has a unique voice that creates a unique practice. Underlying these individual styles are some serious roots, though. Our teachers utilize source material from established lineages and traditions

The One

Anna Haddad


The Positive ONE

Nick Potenzieri


The Grounded ONE

Emma Bowen



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You can find us in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We'll keep the lights on for you.


90 Furman St
Brooklyn, NY 11201


ONEYOGAHOUSE is a community of shape creators, energy expanders, and movement manifestors in the heart of Brooklyn and Montauk.

Find us at our New York studios



90 Furman Street
Brooklyn. New York 11201


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