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The ONE about transcending

Euphoric. Celestial. Sedative.

This yoga playlist by Brianna Hawk combines transcendent scores and the electric sounds of the drum and flute to create an atmosphere that invites you into a deeper state of being, into a state of pratyahara (Sanskrit word for withdrawing of the senses).

Brianna teaches The Embodied ONE on Wednesdays, at 7:30pm

Somatics is a field of mind-body integration practices which help us to be more aware of our physical bodies, sources of discomfort, and internal sensations, and how these impact other aspects of our physical and internal lives. Somatics allows us to deeper understand the way our bodies send us signals of imbalance, helping to refine our intuition. In this class, we will begin with a guided meditation, then explore somatic movement exercises aimed to help re-educate the way our brain moves, holds, and senses our muscles. We will gradually enter into yoga asanas, commencing with an extended savasana.


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