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Recently, we sat down with Shadoh Punnapuzha, Founder and Formulator of taïla Skincare, a Brooklyn based, high-performance skincare collection rooted in the plant powered science of Ayurveda. We talked about the benefits of Ayurveda skincare rituals, the healing and restorative properties of her products, and what students will gain from her first workshop experience at ONEYOGAHOUSE.

Each taïla formulation is a total sensorial experience that allows you to both physically and mentally reconnect with nature.

OYH: What was the inspiration behind creating taïla skincare?

Shadoh: I grew up in an Indian household where Ayurveda was very much the foundation to my daily rituals. It was in my early 30’s I experienced a bout of skincare issues that I was only able to heal through the botanical wisdom of Ayurveda. This further ignited my passion and need to share my heritage.


OYH: Why Ayurveda?

Shadoh: The knowledge of Ayurveda was instilled in me as a child, which made me witness the incredible benefits at such a young age. A sister science to yoga, this botanical form of holistic medicine looks at the body as a whole and assesses the underlying roots of maintaining health and balance to the body by incorporating time-honored rituals into everyday life, such as plant medicine and self-massage.


OYH: What will students learn/gain in this workshop about botanical medicine?

Shadoh: The value of plant medicine as well as the direct correlation of our bodies to the nature that surrounds us. The importance of natural ingredients affects our skin. Students will learn the powerful practice of Ayurvedic facial massage with a focus on important energy points on the structure of our faces. These techniques and formulations increase circulation, relieve stress, improve lymphatic drainage, and prevent signs of aging.


OYH: How can they incorporate your skincare into their wellness routine?

Shadoh: Each taïla formulation is a total sensorial experience that allows you to both physically and mentally reconnect with nature. Designed with the modern individual in mind, our multi-tasking formulations simplify your beauty routine while delivering uniquely effective results.


OYH: What are the healing and restorative properties of your products?

Shadoh: The Ayurvedic ingredients in our 100% natural formulations are time-tested. Leveraging the wisdom of Ayurvedic doctors from India we designed products that are effective on a cellular level while giving importance to the total sensorial experience, healing takes place through the mind body connection.


OYH: Will we practice some restorative yoga with the products on the skin?

Shadoh: 30 minutes of restorative yoga and meditation after facial massage breathing in the therapeutic aroma of taïla’s hero product, PRANA face oil.


OYH: What will students walk away with?


    • Refreshed radiant skin, a just-walked-out-the-spa feeling.
    • Learning the techniques of how to perform facial self-massage for youthful skin and a healthy mind
    • We will provide individual skincare sample packets to be used during the workshop and a mini-luxury – a travel version of our VAYU illuminating toning mist


OYH: What discounts, if any, will you offer to participating students?

Shadoh: We will offer participating students a 15% discount on the collection when purchasing at the studio.


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