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Recently, we sat down with Biet Simkin, world renowned meditation leader and OYH January Spotlight Community Member, and talked about the stigma surrounding mental health, and how to work through mental blocks. Biet has effortlessly created groundbreaking meditation experiences led to a revolutionary trend, and a more relatable approach to the meditation practice.

One of the things I was really excited about in running my own yoga studio (in addition to offering yoga and meditation to the communities of Montauk and Brooklyn), was the chance to curate some of my favorite brands.

With the temperature dropping, you may already be feeling nostalgic for the sun, sand, and surf. While most people think of Montauk as a summer destination, you might be surprised to learn that there is plenty of fun to be had at the end of Long Island’s South Fork in the colder months, as well.

As a yoga teacher, student, and athlete, I have loved learning about and sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation on the human body. One day I was thinking about the 12 distinct, and incredibly complex systems in the human body that make things work. Their functions reflect their names: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary. These systems help deliver nutrients, collect and

While the past couple of months have given new meaning to the idea of uncertainty, what is certain is that there is hope to be had among all the loss. As the spread of COVID-19 has turned life as we know it upside down, it has also presented us with an opportunity to re-evaluate how we want to move forward. There is nothing like a pandemic to expose the cracks


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