Madeline Goode

Madeline is a creative producer and brand strategist, and is so grateful to round out her life with teaching yoga. It feels like home. Trained at SkyTing, some of her mentors and beloved teachers include Krissy Jones, Jon Ziff Sint, Kyle Miller (assisting her retreat in Tuscany this year!), Francesca Valarezo, and Kate Posch. She loves that teachers are forever students, and students are teachers. For her, teaching yoga reinforces a practice of nonattachment, being spherical and playful, and that energy begets energy.

Madeline loves drawing from different influences and teachings to create informed sequences. She has students lengthen and play, tuning into what clicks, and leaving hopefully feeling better than when they came! Her class is accessible and empowering, created with intention: you just might try something you haven’t before. Madeline will guide you right up to it, tuned into your own body, so you say “huh, I never knew I could do / feel that!”

Outside of the studio, Madeline is an avid walker, and she’s often drawn to the water with a matcha in hand. Therefore, she’s also a go-to resource for NYC recommendations and can always find her way around the city.

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