The Foundational ONE: Breath & Meditation Basics

sun19may1:30 pmsun3:30 pmThe Foundational ONE: Breath & Meditation Basics1:30 pm - 3:30 pm ONEYOGAHOUSE, 90 Furman Street, Brooklyn NY 11201In-Studio Workshops / EventsWorkshop

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Imagine a meditation that’s not just about sitting still with your eyes closed, but about unlocking real joy and tranquility in your life. In this 2 hour experiential journey, you’ll learn the art of mindfulness and discover the power of your breath. Zaina realizes these two things can be intimidating or even confusing when approached in a public class setting, so she’ll take this chance to guide you through exactly what to do and the why behind various techniques. As always, play and exploration is encouraged. First, we’ll discuss and experience the basics of meditation (how to sit, sensations that’ll arise, etc.). Then, dive deep into your breath and discover how it can be the most powerful tool for managing stress and anxiety. Through joint mobilization along with the breath to open up, discussion of common mudras, journaling, and space for questions, students can expect to leave with a variety of tools and a plan for weaving them into their daily lives. 





(Sunday) 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Zaina Budayr

Zaina Budayr is a New York City-based yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for helping people in major cityscapes learn nurturing practices that can become tools to manage the stressors of everyday life. She is driven to help connect her students to tangible practices that can be used throughout their often busy days, be that through movement, breath, or wisps of inspiration that she finds in the world around her. She was initially drawn to yoga through her career in fashion. Often stressed and burnt out by intense work schedules, yoga was a practice she could tap into to ground and find internal space. With this in mind, she builds classes that help support and shift energy in a way that is applicable both in and out of the yoga studio. Zaina completed her 200-hour teacher training and mentorship with Sky Ting Yoga, a studio that follows Katonah-based methodologies. This type of yoga prioritizes measurement by extensively using props and adjustments to find space in the mind and body. It draws upon Hatha principles, Taoist philosophy, and breathwork. She has also worked extensively under the tutelage of Francesca Bove, Kate Posch, Anton Brandt, and Tony Lupinacci.

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