Women's Pelvic Health Workshop

sun29oct1:00 pmsun3:00 pmWomen's Pelvic Health Workshop1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ONEYOGAHOUSE, 90 Furman Street, Brooklyn NY 11201In-Studio Workshops / EventsWorkshop

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Hosted by: Alex Venier & Dr. Klara Brown

Join us for a 2 hour experience where you will get to know your pelvic floor more intimately! First, discover the anatomical importance of this hammock of muscles that sits between pubic bone, tail bone, and sit bones, investigate how we are meant to breathe, and learn how we can integrate awareness of the pelvic floor into our daily life. OYH instructor Alex Venier will guide you through an intentional physical practice, integrating core and pelvic floor work. You’ll explore ways in which you can add this way of movement into your daily life off the mat. Then, Join Dr. Klara Brown as she delves into Eastern medicine’s enduring principles of women’s health. Because pelvic health and healthy cycles are inherently linked for women, the harmony of hormonal rhythms and unimpeded menstrual flow is fundamental. Join her for discussion on why period pain is not normal and guidance on how you can ensure a harmonious pelvic environment for optimal women’s health, fertility and beyond. Dr. Klara will also present her latest innovation, Sanguin Pelvic Pain Salve – an all-natural solution for menstrual pain, followed by a short interactive Q&A session. Come to learn, explore, and nurture pelvic harmony!




(Sunday) 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Alex Venier

Alex teaches open level and advanced yoga classes, as well as prenatal, postnatal, aerial yoga, and childrens/family yoga classes. Alex maintains her 300 hr Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Sadie Nardini Prenatal & Postnatal certificate from Yoga Works, and she studied with Tom Myers, author “Anatomy Trains” and Dr. Eden Fromberg, OBGYN and midwife. Her classes are core strong and based on individual anatomy. You will flow safely and mindfully through skillfully sequenced yoga asanas. Her teaching will invigorate your nervous system, detox the mind and body, and leave you feeling empowered and ready to face the day!

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Dr. Klara Brown

Dr. Klara Brown, an expert in women's health, brings fifteen years of specialized experience in fertility support, endometriosis, PCOS, and other chronic hormonal and gynecological conditions. Sanguin, Dr. Brown's extraordinary creation, goes beyond conventional remedies. It embodies her profound empathy for patients with chronic pelvic pain and her personal journey through dealing with menstrual cramps. Through meticulous formulation and rigorous testing, Dr. Brown has developed an astoundingly effective blend. Remarkably, in her initial informal trials, every single participant experienced a significant reduction or elimination of pelvic pain. Moreover, with considerable attention given to both texture and scent, Dr. Brown has delivered Sanguin as an indulgent tapestry of self-care, fostering a new conversation for feminine healing and well-being.

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