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Freedom Path is an embodiment workshop that uses movement as a path to expanding the freedom in your life from the inside-out. FP teaches you to practice body listening to attune to your emotional and energetic needs.

Here’s a q+a with Sara Awada, the freedom coach who will be holding Freedom Path workshops at ONEYOGAHOUSE.


The Freedom Path: Somatic Embodiment Workshop by Sara Awada
Saturday September 9th @ 12 pm – 2 pm

A departure from dance as choreography, Freedom Path is a movement meditation: an internal exploration welcoming everyBody. In this Breathwork and Movement sequence, you will get an introduction to somatic practices, which help you free yourself from the parts that no longer serve you and embody your truth. You will discover the wisdom of your body as the pathway to alchemizing stagnant energy and negative emotions into healthy emotional regulation, joy, creativity, and a truer way of being.

Why movement?

Movement will set you free. The principle of movement is that it is free and fluid in nature. Through Freedom Path, you will re-discover your fluid nature by moving stagnant energy and creating space to choose again, so you can move differently in the world.

What does embodiment mean?

What is an embodiment practice? Embodiment explores the connection between your physical body and your emotional & energetic being. Through embodiment practices you’re able to listen to your body for information about stuck energy and unprocessed emotions. Also through the body, you are able to heal those areas.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to their body, and to overcome the resistance & chatter of their mind. No dance/movement experience required.

What can students expect from the discovery class?

Participants can expect to connect to their body in a new way that illuminates areas of stagnation and tension to resolve.  Practically, they will experience movements that create more openness and flexibility in their body, allowing them to express & release.

discover the wisdom of your body as the pathway to alchemizing stagnant energy and negative emotions into healthy emotional regulation, joy, creativity, and a truer way of being

What will students walk away with?

Students will walk away with a sense of liberation and spaciousness after expressing an emotion or story previously stuck/dormant in the body.

A little bit about yourself and how you came into this work?

When I was deepening my personal process of healing and self-discovery, I reached a point where still meditation and talk therapy was no longer cutting it. Something needed to move. I got up off the floor and started to move intuitively. This opened up the channel of my body to receive information about what I was feeling, what was dormant, and what needed healing. The saying “the body keeps the score” really landed for me at that time. From this point on, I turned to trauma-informed teachings and somatic training to inform my practice. I was certain others needed this to become truly free and expand into the wholeness of who they are. That’s been the impact it’s had on me & many others– I look forward to sharing!


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