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Discover asana, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, and reflection through our On Demand Library. Whether you’re tuning in from the comfort of your home, or on the go, you’ll find a class that’s tailored for you.

Our classes are taught by seasoned instructors, who are committed to sharing inspiration for the practice and the underlying philosophical components of yoga. Explore our most popular class, The Fiery ONE, relax into restorative yoga, elevate mindfulness with The Still ONE, or advance your practice with our bundled packages. Be sure to check back regularly as more classes will be added to our library each week.

3 Paths to Lotus

Three classes intentionally designed to explore your lotus pose and discover where it leads you.

$25 / 90 day unlimited access


Exploring Lotus 1: Beginning with Half Lotus (60 min)
with Anna Haddad

Exploring Lotus 2: Find Meaning with Mudras & Full Lotus (75 min) with Mariah Betts

Exploring Lotus 3: Flying Your Lotus (75 min)
with Kiley Holliday

5 Days to Forearm Stand

Five classes specifically designed to build strength and master your forearm balance!

$35 / 90 day unlimited access


Day 1: Building the Foundation (60 min) with Mariah Betts

Day 2: Stay the Course (60 min) with Nick Potenzieri

Day 3: Checking In (75 min) with Kiley Holliday

Day 4: Making the Connection (75 min) with Jess Ray

Day 5: Pacifying the Ego (75 min) with Rebecca Hajek

Journey to Crow

Master your Crow Pose in these three classes specifically designed to find your strength and balance.

$25 / 90 day unlimited access


Journey to Crow 1: Find Connection (60 min)
with Nick Potenzieri

Journey to Crow 2: Build On (75 min)
with Kiley Holliday

Journey to Crow 3: Take Flight (90 min)
with Anna Haddad

Revolve to Get Centered

Tap into your center and strengthen your core by exploring revolved standing postures with these three classes.

$25 / 90 day unlimited access


Revolve to Get Centered 1: Connect (60 min)
with Helene Necroto

Revolve to Get Centered 2: Expand (75 min)
with Anna Haddad

Revolve to Get Centered 3: Ground (75 min)
with Erica Chen

Strengthening Backbends

Develop the strength and mobility to deepen your backbends through these five classes.

$35 / 90 day unlimited access


Backbends 1: Be Gentle (60 min) with Helene Necroto

Backbends 2: Discovery (60 min) with Kiley Holliday

Backbends 3: Create Space (75 min) with Mariah Betts

Backbends 4: Find Balance (75 min) with Nick Potenzieri

Backbends 5: Dive Deeper (75 min) with Rebecca Hajek

Twisting to Detox

Discover the benefits of twisting through three classes designed to cleanse, tone, and mobilize the body.

$25 / 90 day unlimited access


Twisting to Detox 1: Find Your Core (75 min)
with Jess Ray

Twisting to Detox 2: Create Space (75 min) with Nick Potenzieri

Twisting to Detox 3: Fully Rinse (75 min)
with Kiley Holliday


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