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Yoga Styles & Poses


The Mountain Pose, or Tadasana in Sanskrit, is a foundational yoga posture that embodies stability, strength, and poise. To perform this pose, one stands tall with feet grounded firmly on the earth, legs engaged, and spine elongated. The arms rest gently at the sides with palms facing forward, fostering a sense of openness and receptivity. As the body aligns itself vertically, the practitioner connects deeply with their breath, drawing energy from the earth through the soles of the feet while simultaneously reaching upward through the crown of the head. The Mountain Pose encourages a profound sense of grounding and centeredness, inviting practitioners to cultivate a quiet strength within themselves, both physically and mentally, as they stand steadfast like a majestic mountain amidst life’s ebbs and flows.

How do you do Mountain Pose?

Step 1.

Stand with your feet together, arms by your side with palms facing forward reaching through your fingertips .

Step 2.

Find neutral alignment by stacking shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Imagine standing with your back against a wall, stacking the back of the skull, shoulder blades and sacrum.

Step 3.

Settle your shoulders down your back and widen through the collar bones to find space in the front of your chest.

Step 4.

Feel connected to the mat with all 4 corners of your feet. Keep a slight bend in your knees to avoid hyperextension. Feel your tailbone drawing down, rooting you through your feet as your navel draws up and in to lengthen the lower back and front of the hips.

Step 5.

Stand tall with the crown of your head reaching up to elongate the back of your neck; be mindful your chin is not jutting forward. Gaze straight ahead.

Benefits of Mountain Pose

Improves posture and body awareness
Can counter effects of sitting for a long time
Excellent preparatory pose as this alignment is present in many other yoga postures
Improves the harmony between the right and left sides of your body

Variations of Mountain Pose

Feet hips width distance apart
Back against a wall to help find alignment
Mountain Pose in a Chair

Other Yoga Poses to Try

  • The Downward Dog yoga pose, known as “Adho Mukha Svanasana” in Sanskrit, has a rich history rooted in ancient yoga traditions. The pose finds its origins in the practice of Hatha Yoga, a branch that focuses on physical postures to

  • The 4-Limbed Staff yoga pose tones the arms, strengthens the core, increases upper body strength, and prepares the body for arm balances and inversions.

  • The forward fold yoga pose, also known as Uttanasana, is a fundamental posture that embodies a gentle surrender and deep release within the practice.


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