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Stepping into a yoga studio for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. At ONEYOGAHOUSE, we aim to offer an experience that eases first-time jitters and makes every practitioner feel at home as soon as they walk in the door. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, here’s what you can expect during your first visit to OYH.

We are a yoga, pilates, and sound meditation studio located in DUMBO (an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), next door to the 1Hotels in Brooklyn Bridge Park. As a community that prioritizes awakening our bodies, expanding our energy, and bringing movement to life, OYH offers a space designed to uplift and empower practitioners to ground themselves, undergo transformation, ignite their energy, and evolve in their yoga journey.

Driven by a passion for community, connection, and the transformative effects of yoga and meditation, yoga teacher and entrepreneur Anna Haddad founded OYH in 2020, and in the challenging landscape of the global COVID-19 pandemic, opened the Brooklyn location in September of 2021. Over the past three years, she’s built a team of some of New York’s most exceptional instructors. With safety, sustainability, and intentionality prioritized above all else, you can anticipate a yoga experience that’s not only accessible, but also mentally stimulating and geared towards personal growth.

You can pre-register for classes on our free mobile app or online. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to the studio so you can sign in and get settled into the space. All classes start on time, and for peak classes, you must be checked in no later than five minutes prior to class start, otherwise your spot may be given away to someone on the waitlist. You may cancel any class reservation online up to two hours before the start of the class at no charge. We don’t accept cancellations over phone or email.

Once inside the studio, our desk attendants will give you an overview of the space. Creating a zen atmosphere is important to us—you’ll notice candles and palo santo burning, dim lights, calm music, and a clean, organized space. We kindly ask that you remove your shoes and leave food, beverages, cell phones, and other personal belongings in the locker room, but feel free to bring water into the studio in a covered water bottle. Most of our students come dressed to practice, but we do have a change space available should you need it. You can borrow our complimentary mats—that are already laid out in the room along with any props you will need before class begins—or bring your own mat if you prefer. Everything you need for a perfect flow is at your disposal: towels for rent, filtered water, Bala Bangles and extra beverages available for purchase.

We offer an array of classes suitable for every practice level.

We offer a diverse range of classes suited to practitioners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced yogis. Our teachers come from all lineages and studies, from Katonah and Iyengar, to Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Whether you’re drawn to a hot, vigorous flow, a gentle, restorative practice, or a meditative sound therapy session, there’s something for everyone. Each class is thoughtfully designed to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that you find the practice that resonates with you.

Our most popular specialty classes include:


This is a heated Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath. Expect lots of movement with a focus on functional exercises. It’s an open-level class that’s powered by radiant infrared panels and an air purification system to minimize airborne dust, pollen, and germs.


This room-temperature Vinyasa flow is intelligently sequenced and challenging but at a slower pace to ease you into the practice. Don’t worry, you’ll still break a sweat by building heat from within.


This is a nourishing and creative 75-min experience curated to regulate the nervous system, release stagnant energy and toxins, and reduce stress through lymphwork, yin, sound, and restorative modalities. Don’t be afraid to jump around and let loose!


Slow down and restore in this Yin-style class. We use props to support you in passively held postures for a sustained period. You’ll lengthen connective tissue to enhance your range of motion and regulate your nervous system. Benefits of this style include deep relaxation, improved sleep and digestion, and faster muscle recovery.


Our pilates classes will challenge you in exercises that chisel your abs, tone your glutes, and sculpt long, lean muscles. You will use your own body weight, yoga blocks, magic circles, and resistance bands.


This class combines a gentle slow flow and restorative yin postures and closes with a deep meditation session to explore the quietude of your mind.


This is a heated Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath. Expect lots of movement with a focus on functional exercises. It’s an open-level class that’s powered by radiant infrared panels and an air purification system to minimize airborne dust, pollen, and germs.


Taught by senior teachers, master classes are an opportunity for intermediate yogis and teachers to deepen their practice through an extended study of the asanas. You’ll incorporate more advanced postures, yoga philosophy, and anatomical education.


This class breaks down the fundamentals of key yoga postures for both people who have never taken a yoga class and practitioners who have some knowledge of the practice but would like to renew and strengthen their foundation.


Explore somatic movement exercises to help re-educate the way your brain moves, holds, and senses your muscles. You’ll commence class with an extended savasana and gradually enter into yoga asanas.


In this internal strength class using the Kinstretch® Method, focus on the determinants of your movement (i.e. ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue) rather than the external organization of movement (i.e. specific yoga poses). Through self-assessment, you’ll learn about your current range of motion and exercise more control.


Combining plyometrics, fun beats, and a touch of cardio, hit the mat and sweat during this open-level, high-energy experience and sculpt every major muscle group.

In every class, the teacher will ease you into practice, allowing time for your body to adapt to the flow and temperature of the room. No class is exactly the same, but overall, you can expect emphasis on mindful movement, mobility, alignment, breathwork, and drishti—a focused gaze—cultivating a sense of presence and awareness on the mat. Our focus on breath allows you to deepen your practice, quiet the mind, and experience a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace. You’ll be encouraged to listen to your body, honor its limitations, and explore your edge with compassion.

Our holistic approach to community and wellness.

At OYH, you’re part of a supportive and inclusive community from day one. Whether you attend classes regularly or drop in occasionally, you’ll find camaraderie and encouragement from fellow practitioners and instructors alike. The studio fosters connections beyond the mat, offering workshops, events, retreats, and social gatherings to support local businesses (like brunch and oyster shucking) where you can connect with like-minded individuals and deepen your practice both on and off the mat.

Our holistic approach to wellness extends beyond movement. In addition to regular yoga and pilates classes, the studio offers workshops focused on nutrition, mindfulness, self-care, and personal development. Whether you’re interested in exploring the benefits of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, learning about the Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) routine, or delving into pelvic floor therapy, there are ample opportunities to learn something new and nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Retreats offer immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of the studio. ONEYOGAHOUSE retreats serve as rejuvenating getaways designed to allow participants to deepen their practice and forge new connections. Through carefully curated programs, attendees engage in daily yoga, breathwork, functional mobility, journaling, and meditation sessions, alongside modalities such as lymph work, kriyas, and vagal toning. Retreat members also enjoy chef-prepared group meals, outdoor adventures and exploration, cocktail hours, spa services, shopping and cultural trips, and more. Set in beautiful locations like Los Cabos, Mexico, Morocco, North Africa, and Montauk, New York, the retreat landscapes provide serene backdrops for self-reflection and relaxation.

Your first experience at the studio isn’t just about attending a yoga class; it’s about embracing self-discovery, growth, and transformation. From the warm welcome to the supportive community and mindful practices, every aspect of our community is designed to help you feel at ease, inspired, and empowered. So, step into the studio with an open heart and open mind, and let the magic of ONEYOGAHOUSE unfold. We hope to see you soon!


ONEYOGAHOUSE is a community of shape creators, energy expanders, and movement manifestors in the heart of Brooklyn and Montauk.

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