Nick began the study of yoga in 2001 and has been fascinated by the practice and its teachings ever since. In 2005 he began teaching, received a certification from Sri Dharma Mitra in 2008, and most recently in 2019, completing the Teacher Education program at the Iyengar Institute of New York where he continues to apprentice and study with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Matt Dreyfus.


Nick Potenzieri is trained in Hatha (Iyengar, Bikram) and Vinyasa (Dharma Mittra) methods. He has led retreats on both East and West Coasts, and has held classes and workshops for total beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Being an avid practitioner of Iyengar Yoga has shifted Nick’s teaching to explore the commonalities between the (richness of) Iyengar method and the greater yoga community.

In addition to yoga, Nick has been a long term meditation practitioner and in 2020 became a certified mindfulness facilitator. His mindfulness work has included Pfizer, ING, and The Arcus Foundation.

Nick’s positive energy as well as creative and skilled teaching has helped him work with people of all capabilities, capacities, and walks of life. He continues to work with the goal of inspiring others to develop a deeper understanding of how these practices can lead to more fulfillment in their lives and peace in their hearts.


Questions. Answers.

What makes a house a home?

Home is a place where one can relax enough to be. It takes time and experimentation to find what that is. To figure out how an environment and the people (and pets!) can help us connect to something essential within. A place where one can restore oneself.

Favorite Brooklyn Hang Out Spot

The Brooklyn Inn. Best place to have a few beers and catch up with old friends.

What are you most passionate about outside of yoga?

Time spent on the beach with my boyfriend. We can sit for hours. It’s a meditation; it’s a bonding. It’s everything.

What about teaching yoga inspires you?

Seeing someone reach their potential. It could be in an asana, or, even more rewarding, when you see their joy in their life.


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