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OYH x lululemon

Introducing our co-branded lululemon ONEYOGAHOUSE core collection

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to build a community rooted in the teachings of Yoga. Today, we are proud to formally announce our partnership with lululemon, a brand that shares our values and mission to empower the communities they serve. They give educators and studios like ours the support and tools to be at our best. They lead by example, not only through their exceptional products and high standards of excellence, but also by prioritizing equity, inclusion, trust, and connection within their communities.

lululemon and team: Thank you for believing in us, and for making this partnership possible. The meaningful impact you have brought to our small business – in the past planting seeds, in the present watching our visions materialize, and big dreams of our continued partnership in the future – have inspired us to pay it forward. Our initiatives may not come easy, but they are worth pursuing.

Together, we have created a classic representation of two brands united by a common collective: that the success of our community is measured by the success of our collective spirit.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

From Anna Haddad, Founder of OYH

“I truly don’t have the words to share the meaningful impact that lululemon and their incredible NYC team have brought to me personally as a small business owner over the past year–in the past planting seeds, in the present watching our visions materialize, and big dreams of our continued partnership in the future. You have inspired us at ONEYOGAHOUSE to pay it forward. Our initiatives may not come easy, but they are worth pursuing. There are no limits with you, and it’s been such an honor to be a New York City Ambassador. You coined it first and it has such a bigger meaning than I ever imagined. It happened at the right time, in the right way, in the right place, under the right circumstances. I’ve been a repeat witness to how the success of our community is measured by the success of our collective spirit.”

Sakara Life X OYH

Sakara Life is a wellness-based organic meal delivery service that focuses on whole foods and plant-forward eating. The service sources high-quality fresh ingredients and aims to create nutrient-dense meals, all prepared by classically trained chefs and delivered ready-to-eat to your doorstep. All meals are 100% plant-based — free from dairy, meat and seafood.

By creating nutritious meals packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, Sakara Life aims to help balance, restore and heal the body so you can look and feel your absolute best. Sakara Life bases its meals on nine pillars of nutrition, which include:

  • No calorie counting
  • Plant protein
  • Eat your water
  • Greens
  • Good fats
  • Eat the rainbow
  • Nutrient density
  • Sulfur-rich veggies
  • Body intelligence

From Anna Haddad, Founder of OYH

“I recently met Sakara Life Co-Founder, Whitney Tingle, who came to my yoga class at my studio in Dumbo, and we immediately connected over our passion for wellness, movement, and collaborative spirit. I was inspired to join the Sakara Circle to share my own mission of connecting with–and building– a strong, energized, and supportive community. I love being a resource for my clients and students when it comes to intentional movement, meditation, fitness, and healing. As a Sakara Ambassador, my aim is to encourage my students to show up as their best selves to meet the demands of every day life with grace and ease. This means that we take care of how we look on the inside with the transformational tools of meditation, breathwork, movement, AND nutrition. This last pillar provided by Sakara is a beautiful enhancement to my life’s work and offerings to the yoga communities I serve. I look forward to sharing Sakara’s organic, plant-based super foods and supplements, delivered right to our doors.”

ONEYOGAHOUSE friends and family will receive a 20% discount

Discount only for new Sakara Life customers and will be applied automatically at checkout after clicking the link above

OYH x RescueMD


ONEYOGAHOUSE is proud to partner with RescueMD, whose mission is to support skin health holistically, with products that are transformative, multi-benefit solutions that are efficacious for everyday use and pre-and post procedure care. Founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Suzman, who wanted to support patients struggling with skin damage and reduce the appearance of scars, RescueMD products are formulated with proprietary and patented active ingredients and an evidence-based, results-driven approach.

Incorporating innovative, corrective and skin-nourishing ingredients,such as Lapachol; a clinically-proven potent anti-redness ingredient, I have used the products on scars post skin biopsies, stressed and sun damaged skin, and even eczema, and have seen how the patented product maximizes the skin’s recovery process.

Try some samples at ONEYOGAHOUSE of 1) the patented DNA Repair Complex and 2) Restorative Lip Treatment — and see for yourself!

RescueMD products are potent yet gentle and safe for all skin types and all skin tones.

Garmin Sweat Leaders

Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. They do this so their customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions.

What is a Sweat Leader? Someone who moves. Someone who inspires. Someone who pushes. This exclusive team of fitness instructors and personal trainers receives a special gift from Garmin — a discount code for a smartwatch — to set the standard and help others become the best they can be. Sweat Leaders remain at the top of their game, a game where wins aren’t measured by their own success, but rather the success of the community around them.

Who you are: You love what you do and want to find the best fitness smartwatches to help yourself and the people around you. And when you find something great, you’re not afraid to share it with the world. Eligible prospective members must be located in the U.S. and be:

  • Group fitness, studio and/or private instructors for adults
  • Personal trainers
  • Studio owners
  • Studio managers

What You’ll Get:

  • Access to a discount on a Garmin smartwatch
  • Opportunities to connect with other Sweat Leaders and League of Garmin members
  • Exclusive insight regarding swag giveaways and events

From Anna Haddad, Founder of OYH

“It’s no secret that I love what I do. I’m passionate about the strength, clarity, and joy I feel from the yoga, meditation, pilates, sound therapy, and restorative practices that we offer at OYH. Whenever I find something amazing, the first thing I do is share it with my community. So I’m thrilled to be welcomed as a Sweat Leader for Garmin Wellness and Garmin Fitness – a brand that has been around for over 33 years and continuously evolves to support people who move, inspire, and help others become the best they can be. I’m wholeheartedly aligned with the mission of Garmin’s Sweat Leaders: to “remain at the top of their game, a game where wins aren’t measured by their own success, but rather the success of the community around them.”

We are hosting additional classes throughout the year for clients to demo the smart watches and enjoy more swag bag give-aways. We look forward to our partnership to share insider updates about Garmin launches, sales, and many more special events for our amazing yoga + wellness community.

Fitness leaders will receive a 35% one-time discount as a Garmin Sweat Leader

Our Classes

Expect dynamic vinyasa experiences inspired by the Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar,
and Katonah yoga lineages that are intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath.

We ease you into the practice, allowing time for your body to adapt to movement and the temperature of the room. No class is exactly the same because no teacher is exactly the same, but our house style utilizes the breath, focuses on mobility and precise alignment, and incorporates yogic gaze (an action called drishti in Sanskrit) to create a modern yoga experience grounded in tradition. Flow with us, at a temperature that’s right for you.

The Fiery One: Hot Yoga

A Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, or Katonah-inspired Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath. Expect lots of movement with a focus on functional exercises.

The Restored ONE: Yin + Restorative

Slow down and restore. We use props to support you in passively held postures for a sustained period. Lengthen connective tissue to enhance range of motion and regulate the nervous system.

The Centered ONE: Pilates Mat

Built on the foundation of strength & stretch, you will increase your mobility, stability, and flexibility. Deepen your connection to your powerhouse (core), tone your glutes, and sculpt long, lean muscles.

The Studious ONE: Master Class

Taught by Senior Teachers, penetrate deeper into your practice through an extended study of the asanas that incorporates more advanced postures, yoga philosophy, and/or anatomical education.

The Little ONE: Kids’ Yoga + Music

This class teaches high energy and engaging babies + kids' music classes driven by playful musicality. They prioritize having fun, providing a pressure-free atmosphere, and helping kids gain confidence.


Similar to The Fiery ONE, this class is intelligently sequenced and challenging but at a slower pace to ease you into the practice. Don’t worry, you are sure to break a sweat by building heat from within.


A nourishing and creative 75-min experience curated to regulate the nervous system, release stagnant energy and toxins, and reduce stress through lymphwork, yin, and restorative modalities.

The Centered ONE: Pilates Fusion

Our pilates fusion class will challenge you in exercises that chisel your abs, tone your glutes, and sculpt long, lean muscles. Expect to find your core and lift your center of gravity.

The Embodied ONE: Somatics

We will begin with a guided meditation, then explore somatic movement exercises aimed to help re-educate the way our brain moves, holds, and senses our muscles.

The Foundational ONE

This ONE On Demand class is a great place to start, or reset your yoga journey, by breaking down the fundamentals of yoga. Perfect for beginners and those who want to strengthen their foundation.


You will be guided through pranayama, vocalization, visualization, then take in the sounds from overtone-emitting instruments to enter a deep meditative state to down-regulate the nervous system.

The Therapeutic ONE

Combines the precise alignment of asanas with a gentle slow flow followed by restorative postures and Yoga Nidra meditation. Immerse yourself in this profoundly healing and deeply restorative state.


Strength meets yoga in this 45-minute, total body, high energy experience. Combining plyometrics, fun beats, and a touch of cardio, get ready to hit the mat to sweat and sculpt every major muscle group.

The Aligned + Restored ONE

An open-level, room temperature Vinyasa class intelligently sequenced at a slower, sweeter pace to ease you into the practice followed by a deeply grounding Yin + Restorative practice.

The Internal ONE

We place the focus from the organization of movement in the external environment to the determinants of movement (ligaments, tendons, connective tissue) to build internal strength.

Reviews from you

Based on 33 reviews
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daniel greendaniel green
21:07 21 Jan 24
Really enjoyed my first 2 classes, the studio is beautiful good natural light flowing in and the instructors were fantastic. We will be returning frequently
Monty WolperMonty Wolper
21:04 21 Jan 24
Beautiful studio coupled with beautiful instruction. Classes are challenging but everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. The complimentary mats they offer are the best grippy ones from Lululemon.
Jonah KupperstockJonah Kupperstock
01:20 17 Jan 24
Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia
17:48 03 Jan 24
Great space and very welcoming teacher, Anna. Class was just as described on their app and I loved it. Definitely coming back
A .HA .H
17:01 22 Nov 23
This was my first ever yoga class I did and it was instructed by Milagros & she did an amazing job. Everyone else here is so friendly too. I can’t wait to come back I refuse to go to any other yoga studios! My experience was beautiful here
Joshua Pickell, D.C.Joshua Pickell, D.C.
20:39 14 Nov 23
This is not an average yoga studio - there is something special about this place. The approach of the teachers, classes, and workshops go beyond just movement and making shapes with your body. This studio gives you a space to explore how to move better and also how you can heal yourself. You get a good workout in, but this is more true to the roots of yoga, which was not intended to only be for exercise and movement. They have a holistic approach to yoga and blend in the mental/emotional work with the physical. They have a wide array of interesting workshops and unique class philosophies. Do yourself a favor and check them out
Katherine KingKatherine King
10:59 11 Sep 23
Anna's yoga and vibe and energy are one of the best recipes for a yoga class I've had. Thank you and please don't stop!
Jordan GillardJordan Gillard
01:00 11 Sep 23
Really awesome lil studio! It’s very clean and modern. The classes are mostly hot vinyasa, but some teachers mix in elements of other yoga styles, like Iyengar and/or Ashtanga. There are some yoga sculpt classes, which feel like more of a workout oriented class than a traditional hot yoga class. I only took one pilates class (but will def take more), which was phenomenal and helped my lower back pain.Most weekdays have 5+ classes 🔥. Its perfect for sneaking away for a workout when working from home. The crowd is friendly too. I really dig the teachers Ive spoken with. Plus, the studio has changing rooms, lockers, and a nice bathroom. Def recommend!
Mallory ToschMallory Tosch
22:13 20 Aug 23
Practicing with Anna is a superlative experience. Anna’s attention to detail is unparalleled, from the arrangement of the flow to the verbal cues and the hands-on adjustments, and at OYH, she has created a space that is as beautiful as the practice. Whether you take classes at OYH weekly or only occasionally, your practice will be stronger and more joyful with Anna!
Terry McGrathTerry McGrath
15:28 21 Jul 23
Anna is by far one of the best teachers! Love her classes and look so forward to her returns to Montauk so I can practice with her again!! Very creative sequencing. I always leave class on a yoga high - absolutely the best.
Lola CooperLola Cooper
15:35 30 Jun 23
Great instructors, beautiful space, and a studio with teaching method not about aerobic fitness but about connecting within through yoga. GEM!
Meg TrainerMeg Trainer
16:10 24 Jun 23
ONEYOGAHOUSE is a dream studio. I was traveling to Brooklyn from Seattle and wanted to find a studio and my hotel recommended OYH and I absolutely loved it. Every class was fun and challenging and the entire team made me feel at home immediately. I feel like I found my home away from home studio here and I can’t wait to return! I was also delighted to find that they supplied all of my needs - mat, props and towels! The space is enlightened, bright energetic and so clean! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!
Helen DoleHelen Dole
17:18 15 Jun 23
I've been to two classes at One Yoga House. Both classes have brought me peace, calm, and a space to challenge my body and mind. I like the locker setup so that I can easily and quickly put my clothes/valuables away. I look forward to attending more classes in the near future.
Conner NevelConner Nevel
17:57 14 Jun 23
1YH is warm and welcoming to everyone who wants to practice yoga at this beautiful location!The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, and create a great environment with regulars and new guests alike. If you're looking for a yoga studio in DUMBO, One Yogahouse is definitely worth checking out.
Kasey HolzgrefeKasey Holzgrefe
02:21 14 Jun 23
I can’t share enough about how much I love oneyogahouse. There are a variety of teachers with different styles but each has a thoughtful, scientific approach to yoga and your body. The studio creates a home-like relaxed space, where you just have to bring yourself and come be as you are (because mats and props are included!). My favorite studio by far in New York City - you will learn something about yourself and your yoga practice here and leave smiling.
Nicole GoldmanNicole Goldman
01:19 05 Feb 23
One Yoga House is one of the most beautiful studios I’ve ever practiced in, which is only a testament to the founder, Anna’s, attention to detail, great taste, and thoughtful construction. From the moment you step into the studio with your mat already set in its place, to the moment you end your practice in savasana, every teacher at OYH guides you through a sequence that energizes, purifies, and nourishes your mind, body, and soul. You’ll get an education on how to move with intention so that you leave class stronger and smarter than when you came in. This studio is such a gift, and the teachings are what make it irreplaceable.
23:02 04 Feb 23
ONEYOGAHOUSE is an expansive experience. The beautiful and calm ambiance, the talented and generous teachers, the kind and grounded community — it’s a place where people can show up as themselves and leave feeling physically and energetically enriched. I can’t recommend enough; just one class is like going on a retreat.
Elizabeth HaertleinElizabeth Haertlein
11:20 31 Jan 23
I recently went on my third retreat with One Yoga House. Each time, Anna provided a nurturing yet challenging experience where I was able to advance my yoga practice, practice mindfulness, and fully rejuvenate. Anna genuinely cares about all of her yogis and somehow is able to provide exactly what is needed, whether it is guided meditation or a little help getting into a headstand. I am already looking forward to my next retreat!
Dr Julie VonDr Julie Von
17:22 14 Jan 23
After starting and stopping a love affair with yoga for the last 25 years, I feel a renewed spark of enthusiasm and joy for the practice at One Yoga House. Classes and teachers are approachable yet challenging and everyone knows what they are doing! Anna, the founder, is an amazing and warm person who also teaches smart sequences in her classes that are filled with the yummy deep stretches that help move all the blocked stress and tension we all hold. Plus, there is a real sense of community at this place… I’m loving its location and the ease of booking! A great studio and a real addition to our neighborhood.
Melanie MoelisMelanie Moelis
01:21 08 Nov 22
I have been practicing yoga in the morning for over 20 years, but discovering OneYogaHouse and making it my practice now is the best part of living here in Brooklyn (and I love living in Brooklyn!). Anna, the owner, somehow knows exactly what her students need each day and delivers, with careful attention to details and perfectly choreographed poses. Emma's Asthanga class is the best I've taken and is sure to challenge and make you sweat. Erica's flow class is perfectly synched to a great playlist and is guaranteed to work your core and get your heart rate up. And, Zaina's class will get you stretched, open and aligned and is sure to have a surprise new move. This studio is a gem!
Lindy HenelLindy Henel
21:33 28 Sep 22
OYH is truly a special place. The experience is so incredible. The atmosphere is amazing - you’re always greeted by name by the front desk and instructors and the classes are truly the best (and challenging!) I love staying active but not a huge gym-goer and OYH really changes that experience for me. I know it’s going to be rewarding and personalized. I love the community that they’ve built in Brooklyn too, and how I see so many familiar faces every time. Hands down the best experience I’ve had with yoga and fitness studios. Excited to see this place continue to grow!
Nadiah RoseNadiah Rose
14:36 28 Sep 22
I took my second class here with Sally Dickerson & it was amazing! Such a great flow, she is an outstanding teacher at OneYogaHouse and super sweet!! I recommend every one to take one of her Communal Classes ❤️
Katherine GentileKatherine Gentile
15:41 10 Aug 22
So happy I found this studio. Such a wide range of instructors to choose from at all difficulty levels. Each class is unique and engaging. The aesthetic is clean and bright. Location is tucked away behind the park. Truly look forward to going to every class!
Miranda DrugaMiranda Druga
11:43 31 Jul 22
Such a gem in the heart of Dumbo! (Located next to the 1 Hotel (easy to get to from Dumbo or BK heights). So happy to to have ONEYOGAHOUSE in the neighborhood. The owner, Anna, teaches many classes herself - she's so welcoming! Classes are great for all levels. The ambience is soft, warm, and the studio itself is full of beautiful natural light.
Rachel WelchRachel Welch
20:05 15 Jul 22
ONEYOGAHOUSE is an oasis of beauty, movement and community in the heart of DUMBO. A kind, warm staff, incredible teachers and authentic vibe. You’ll want to be there every day.

Our Teachers

Every teacher has a unique voice that creates a unique practice. Underlying these individual styles are some serious roots, though. Our teachers utilize source material from established lineages and traditions


Anna Haddad


The Positive ONE

Nick Potenzieri


Yoga teacher Emma Bowen in a complicated, but cool yoga pose
The Grounded ONE

Emma Bowen


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90 Furman St
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Next door to the 1Hotels in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The A/C train (High St)
The 2/3 train (Clark St)
The F train (York St).

The NYC Ferry stop is also steps away (Dumbo/BBP Pier 1).


ONEYOGAHOUSE is a community of shape creators, energy expanders, and movement manifestors in the heart of Brooklyn and Montauk.

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