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Veronica Olszowska is a Pilates instructor, health coach, sound therapist, and native Brooklynite. Her goal is to help people build easy healthy habits in order to wake up each day feeling their best. She has completed 500 hours of comprehensive training under Club Pilates.

Location: OYH Yoga Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn
Classes: The Centered ONE: Pilates Mat

Video Transcript

Hi guys, my name is Veronica Salka and I’m a Pilates instructor here at One Yoga House.

Hi Veronica, why don’t you tell me about your first Pilates class and then a little bit about your Pilates journey and if that starts to go into your wellness journey in general, like how that started and what helped you.

Absolutely. So, going back to my first Pilates class, I actually started taking Pilates reformer over 10 years ago back when I was in college. And I fell in love with it. I kept up with the practice along with yoga for many, many years and I always knew I wanted to teach it as well ’cause I wanted people to feel as good as I felt when I took the classes. It took me a little while to get there. It is a time investment as well as monetary, but after 500 hours of training in 2021, I became certified as an instructor and began teaching. I teach both reformer and mat. It’s helped me on my wellness journey because I feel like it helps make my body stronger and I feel really good after personally doing Pilates. So I just really wanna bring that to the community.

And so were there any struggles that you specifically dealt with that made you kind of on the trek to a wellness journey? Anything specifically? Or was it just a general stressed out thing?

Yeah, there is one incident that definitely led me more to a wellness journey, which was, I’ve suffered from really tense shoulder pain for many years. It started right around when I was 16, 17 in high school and I saw so many different doctors and they just told me it’s where you carry stress, so try to relax, which isn’t necessarily the answer you wanna hear. And it wasn’t until I started paying attention to what I was eating in my mid twenties that I realized coffee triggered my shoulder pain. And anytime I would have coffee, which was right around when I started drinking it in high school, my shoulders would get super, super tense. So started paying attention to it eventually eliminated coffee, caffeine. I can’t have matcha, which I absolutely love, or like green tea. So those forms of caffeine don’t bother me and the shoulder pain has definitely gotten a lot better. Once in a while it’ll still creep up on me and diet has a lot to do with it. So along with that, I actually am certified as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which has been super beneficial. I do work with clients, but just for myself, it was an amazing journey and helped me to learn so much more about my body and what we put into it as well.

Any specific practices you do every day? Um, what, and obviously we don’t try to be too rigid with our practices. Yeah. But is there anything that like really benefits you that helped change your life?

Yeah, daily walks, outside if I can in the winter it got a little tricky. I joined a gym but it just, it wasn’t the same. So I try to get over 10,000 steps a day and definitely take long walks first thing in the morning. That’s my favorite thing to do. I also am working on incorporating a meditation practice. It’s not easy for me, I’m gonna be totally honest. But meditation I’m learning can mean different things. So I’ve been listening to walking meditations on my walks. It can also just mean being present and calming your mind. So maybe it’s sitting in a park and staring at the trees. Um, so it doesn’t necessarily need to mean that you’re sitting, you know, at home alone, just trying to calm your mind. ‘Cause that is definitely, I think the harder part, at least for me.

And what are the big differences that you really noticed internally?

Yeah, so I mean I think we’re all works in progress. I know I am. Um, I definitely, a few years ago, especially even having gone through the health coaching training and the Pilates training, I had imposter syndrome. So I didn’t feel confident enough to really even teach or get out there. But then somebody pushed me to do it and you know, I’m really good at just like jumping in and I realized how much I love it. So I got over that. Right now I’m working on, um, feeling more, um, how can I explain this? I guess getting more into my feminine energy and also feeling more deserving. That’s just been an internal struggle, struggle. Um, so that’s some things that I’m working on and, uh, hopefully will overcome as well soon.


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