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Postnatal Strength + Recovery Series

FOUNDATIONS: A Postnatal Strength + Recovery Series

Designed and taught by Revolution Motherhood's founder and pre/postnatal fitness expert, Rachel Welch, this 12-week Postnatal Series is a complete body restructuring program. Covering Phases 1+2 of her method, in an intimate and energetic group of moms, you will heal, strengthen, laugh, cry, sweat, recover + discover.

What’s Included:

*3-Month Subscription to Revolution Motherhood On Demand: More than a workout, you’re beginning a lifestyle of health and fitness that prioritizes your needs with those of your family. So, yes, there’s homework.

*Personal access to Rachel’s expertise, via email + in person before + after class + FaceTime Office Hours.

*10% off retail at ONEYOGAHOUSE

*Weekly emails that review each week’s fitness topics with tips, reminders, mindfulness, and lots of loving inspiration.

*Easy Make Ups : If you need to miss one of your regularly scheduled classes, you can complete a make up in any other other Foundations class or participate via the Live Stream/On Demand. Make Up credits expire at the end of your enrolled Foundations program.

Cost of 12-Week Series: $850


Thursdays, 12:30pm (60 min)

April 7, 2022 – June 23, 2022

About Rachel Welch

Rachel Welch is a women’s health advocate, and postnatal fitness expert and pioneer. Her life-elevating fitness method empowers women with the knowledge and skills to understand, heal, and embody motherhood from the inside-out.

With 20+ years’ experience teaching and studying human physiology, yoga, barre, Eastern medicine, and fitness, Rachel has forged lasting relationships across the medical and fitness industries. She frequently partners with physicians and pelvic PT’s to treat + strengthen pre and postnatal conditions including: rehabilitating scar tissue adhesions, organ prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti.

Rachel created Revolution Motherhood out of the experiment of rehabilitating her own postpartum body (3 times)! She is motivated to share these tools with every mom on the planet so that YOU too can be at ease, happy, and living the adventure of motherhood in a pain-free, healthy, authentic body.

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