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90 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(DUMBO, Next to the 1Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge

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Our Classes

Expect dynamic vinyasa experiences inspired by the Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar,
and Katonah yoga lineages that are intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath.

We ease you into the practice, allowing time for your body to adapt to movement and the temperature of the room. No class is exactly the same because no teacher is exactly the same, but our house style utilizes the breath, focuses on mobility and precise alignment, and incorporates yogic gaze (an action called drishti in Sanskrit) to create a modern yoga experience grounded in tradition. Flow with us, at a temperature that’s right for you.

The Fiery One: Hot Yoga

A Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, or Katonah-inspired Vinyasa flow experience that is intentional, fun, and guided by the rhythm of the breath. Expect lots of movement with a focus on functional exercises.

The Restored ONE: Yin + Restorative

Slow down and restore. We use props to support you in passively held postures for a sustained period. Lengthen connective tissue to enhance range of motion and regulate the nervous system.

The Centered ONE: Pilates Mat

Built on the foundation of strength & stretch, you will increase your mobility, stability, and flexibility. Deepen your connection to your powerhouse (core), tone your glutes, and sculpt long, lean muscles.

The Studious ONE: Master Class

Taught by Senior Teachers, penetrate deeper into your practice through an extended study of the asanas that incorporates more advanced postures, yoga philosophy, and/or anatomical education.

The Little ONE: Kids’ Yoga + Music

This class teaches high energy and engaging babies + kids' music classes driven by playful musicality. They prioritize having fun, providing a pressure-free atmosphere, and helping kids gain confidence.


Similar to The Fiery ONE, this class is intelligently sequenced and challenging but at a slower pace to ease you into the practice. Don’t worry, you are sure to break a sweat by building heat from within.


A nourishing and creative 75-min experience curated to regulate the nervous system, release stagnant energy and toxins, and reduce stress through lymphwork, yin, and restorative modalities.

The Centered ONE: Pilates Fusion

Our pilates fusion class will challenge you in exercises that chisel your abs, tone your glutes, and sculpt long, lean muscles. Expect to find your core and lift your center of gravity.

The Embodied ONE: Somatics

We will begin with a guided meditation, then explore somatic movement exercises aimed to help re-educate the way our brain moves, holds, and senses our muscles.

The Foundational ONE

This ONE On Demand class is a great place to start, or reset your yoga journey, by breaking down the fundamentals of yoga. Perfect for beginners and those who want to strengthen their foundation.


You will be guided through pranayama, vocalization, visualization, then take in the sounds from overtone-emitting instruments to enter a deep meditative state to down-regulate the nervous system.

The Therapeutic ONE

Combines the precise alignment of asanas with a gentle slow flow followed by restorative postures and Yoga Nidra meditation. Immerse yourself in this profoundly healing and deeply restorative state.


Strength meets yoga in this 45-minute, total body, high energy experience. Combining plyometrics, fun beats, and a touch of cardio, get ready to hit the mat to sweat and sculpt every major muscle group.

The Aligned + Restored ONE

An open-level, room temperature Vinyasa class intelligently sequenced at a slower, sweeter pace to ease you into the practice followed by a deeply grounding Yin + Restorative practice.

The Internal ONE

We place the focus from the organization of movement in the external environment to the determinants of movement (ligaments, tendons, connective tissue) to build internal strength.

Our Yoga Teachers

Every teacher has a unique voice that creates a unique practice. Underlying these individual styles are some serious roots, though. Our teachers utilize source material from established lineages and traditions

The One

Anna Haddad


The Positive ONE

Nick Potenzieri


Yoga teacher Emma Bowen in a complicated, but cool yoga pose
The Grounded ONE

Emma Bowen



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Where We Are


90 Furman St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Next door to the 1Hotels in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The A/C train (High St)
The 2/3 train (Clark St)
The F train (York St).

The NYC Ferry stop is also steps away (Dumbo/BBP Pier 1).


ONEYOGAHOUSE is a community of shape creators, energy expanders, and movement manifestors in the heart of Brooklyn and Montauk.

Find us at our New York studios



90 Furman Street
Brooklyn. New York 11201


83 S Elmwood Ave #1b
Montauk. New York 11954

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