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The Triangle Pose, known as Trikonasana in Sanskrit, embodies a graceful and geometrically precise stance within the realm of yoga. In this pose, the body forms a striking triangular shape, symbolizing stability, balance, and expansion. As practitioners extend their limbs, reaching both upward and outward, they engage in a dance of strength and flexibility. The alignment of the body in Triangle Pose cultivates a sense of openness in the chest and hips, encouraging a profound stretch along the sides of the torso. With roots in ancient yogic tradition, this posture not only enhances physical well-being but also invites introspection and a connection to the profound symbolism inherent in the shapes and forms of the universe.

How do you do Triangle?

Step 1.

Stand with your feet wide apart from one another. Adjust your feet: turn your right toes to point forward towards the top of the mat. Your back foot can angle in slightly by 30 degrees.

Step 2.

As you inhale, extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, parallel to the floor, with your palms facing down, keeping your legs straight but not locked, and engage your quadriceps to support your knees and hamstrings.

Step 3.

As you exhale, shift your hips towards the back foot while reaching your torso forward over the front leg. Keep your legs straight but not locked, and engage your quadriceps to support your knees.

Step 4.

Keep your torso parallel to the ground and lower your right hand to either hover above your shin, land on a block outside of your ankle, or touch the ground. Your left arm should be extended vertically up toward the ceiling, opening your wingspan.

Step 5.

Pull your right shoulder back and stack the left on top of it, creating one long line, spiraling your chest open by wrapping your right ribs under. Your arms should form one straight line, and your gaze can be directed towards your top hand or straight ahead to maintain your neck in line with your spine.

Benefits of Triangle

Strengthens and stretches the sides of the torso including the intercostal muscles which can help you breathe deeper
Keeps the spine strong and healthy through the lateral bend and twist
By extending the arms and opening the chest, this pose stretches the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and upper back
Helps to increase hip mobility and strengthen the core muscles

Variations of Triangle

Grab for your big toe of your front foot with your two peace fingers
Place a block underneath your bottom hand by your ankle/calf
Half bind: top hand behind your back to opposite hip crease to help guide the twisting of your bottom rib cage

Other Yoga Poses to Try

  • The Downward Dog yoga pose, known as “Adho Mukha Svanasana” in Sanskrit, has a rich history rooted in ancient yoga traditions. The pose finds its origins in the practice of Hatha Yoga, a branch that focuses on physical postures to

  • The 4-Limbed Staff yoga pose tones the arms, strengthens the core, increases upper body strength, and prepares the body for arm balances and inversions.

  • The forward fold yoga pose, also known as Uttanasana, is a fundamental posture that embodies a gentle surrender and deep release within the practice.


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