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Warrior II, also known as Virabhadrasana II, is a foundational yoga posture revered for its symbolism of strength, resilience, and unwavering focus. This dynamic pose embodies the essence of a warrior standing firm and ready to face life’s challenges with courage and grace. With feet firmly planted on the ground, legs stretched wide apart, and arms extended in opposing directions, Warrior II emanates a sense of groundedness and stability. The gaze is steady and determined, reflecting the inner resolve of the practitioner. Beyond its physical benefits, Warrior II serves as a powerful reminder of our innate capacity to confront adversity with strength, poise, and unwavering determination, both on and off the mat.

How do you do Warrior 2?

Step 1.

You can enter this posture in many different ways including a low lunge, Warrior I, or Tadasana. From Tadasana, keep your right foot forward and step left foot back. Ensure your front toes face the top of your mat as you seal the outer edge of your back foot to be parallel to the back of the mat.

Step 2.

Bend your front leg to a 90 degree angle, externally rotating the inner thigh towards the outer thigh. You may need to widen the stance of your feet to allow your front leg to bend deeper.

Step 3.

Stack your torso and shoulders over your hips, even weight on both feet.

Step 4.

Stretch your arms apart from the center of your chest, reaching fingertips energetically to the front and back of your mat. Allow shoulders to settle down, away from your ears.

Step 5.

Gaze over your front fingertips, finding your drishti.

Repeat on the left side.

Benefits of Warrior 2

Builds power and stability in the legs, glutes, hips, hip flexors, and core
Stretches adductors (inner thighs), groin, chest while increasing muscular endurance
Can be grounding, helping you feel connected to the earth
Can improve posture and balance, hip flexibility and mobility

Variations of Warrior 2

Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana): From Warrior II, extend the front arm down to the ground or a block placed beside the front foot.
Reverse Warrior Pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana): From Warrior II, keep the legs in the same position and flip the front palm to face upward, reaching the front arm overhead.
Bound Warrior Pose (Baddha Virabhadrasana): From Warrior II, bring the front arm behind the back, bending the elbow, and reaching the hand up toward the mid-back.

Other Yoga Poses to Try

  • The Downward Dog yoga pose, known as “Adho Mukha Svanasana” in Sanskrit, has a rich history rooted in ancient yoga traditions. The pose finds its origins in the practice of Hatha Yoga, a branch that focuses on physical postures to

  • The 4-Limbed Staff yoga pose tones the arms, strengthens the core, increases upper body strength, and prepares the body for arm balances and inversions.

  • The forward fold yoga pose, also known as Uttanasana, is a fundamental posture that embodies a gentle surrender and deep release within the practice.


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